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Written by Vivek Kangralkar
on 24 Jul 2019

As companies rush to take advantage of the technology evolution era, they face challenge of innovation and faster time-to-market in semiconductor SoCs, ASICs & IPs.

Besides, applications such as IoT, AI, 5G, automotive, industrial, and healthcare are driving not only innovation, but also the architectures at processor and power IC level.

And the challenge for organizations to ensure innovation, faster time-to-market while keeping costs low make pre-silicon verification more critical. It needs to be done right to ensure speed and avoid silicon revisions that increase R&D costs significantly and lead to lost opportunities.

Cyient works with leading customers across the globe on silicon verification. We understand this challenge well and offer a thorough approach to digital (DV) verification and analog mixed-signal (AMS) verification. With over 20 years of experience, we have proven track record of 100% first pass functional silicons in various applications. Our goal is:

· Get silicon right first time

· Save R&D costs

· Establish a reusable environment  

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