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Dinakar Devireddy Written by Dinakar Devireddy
on 19 Dec 2017

It's not every day that you get an opportunity to do something that can potentially disrupt and redefine the industry. Working with drones offers one such possibility. The world over, regulators are addressing questions and issues around the use of drones in business and industry. With significant growth in the use of drones across India, the country is following suit.

In a significant step, the Indian Government on November 2, 2017, released draft guidelines that outline the first legal framework for the usage of drones and UAVs in the country. These guidelines are likely to provide a huge fillip to the industrial drone sector in India.

Drones offer tremendous possibilities for industrial applications in areas such as utilities, telecom, transport, agriculture, law enforcement, agriculture, and energy and natural resources. However, the industrial drone segment in India is still nascent and has yet to take off.

And therein lies the opportunity.

Hackadrone 2018 is India’s first hackathon to explore the universe of drone applications. A drone hackathon is a great platform to bring together the best and the brightest of minds to revolutionize drone innovations and spur growth. Hackadrone encourages participants to develop path-breaking ideas for industrial drone use. With access to the DJI industrial drone platform and its powerful software development kit (SDK), Hackadrone serves as the perfect launch pad for drone-geeks, go-getters, and innovators to create engineering solutions that could redefine industry practices.

Here are five reasons for you to participate in Hackadrone 2018:

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