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Kshitij Sharma Written by Kshitij Sharma, Read the recent blogs posts , press releases and news written by Kshitij Sharma
on 16 Aug 2018

“Sitting on the ice, overlooking the ocean, there was a sense of achievement of having made it to the Far South, the 7th continent, the last wilderness on Earth—Antarctica!” – Prathyusha Parakala


Prathyusha Parakala, a software professional turned radio jockey, had a lifelong dream of going on an Antarctica expedition. While pursuing a two-year fellowship with the NGO “Teach for India,” she found herself attending a talk by polar explorer Robert Swan, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. Inspired by Robert and his 2041 Foundation’s mission to raise awareness about climate change through the ClimateForce Challenge, she signed up for the Leadership Program and was selected for the expedition in 2018.

Prathyusha was one among 80 Global ClimateForce Ambassadors from around the world chosen for the prestigious International Antarctic Expedition, 2018. The 40-day expedition, from February 27–March 12, fostered a better understanding of the continent’s fragile ecosystem. Being on the expedition gave Pratyusha a first-hand experience of the impact we have had on the climate and the environment. A unique blend of leadership development and up-to-date education on climate change and sustainability has made her a lifelong member of ClimateForce, a global network of leaders who are committed to sustainable development, renewable energy sources, and carbon-positive individual lifestyles.


Cyient is pleased to have been part of Prathyusha’s path-breaking journey, supporting her resolve to create a more sustainable future and her commitment to the cause of climate change. We believe in collaborating with our clients, partners, associates, and society to shape a better tomorrow—we call this #DesigningTomorrowTogether.


Climate change is a very real challenge looming over the world today. Its effects can be observed on a global scale, in terms of a high cost to the economy, communities, weather, and health. Ice floes are breaking earlier, glaciers have shrunk, plant and animal habitats are shifting, and trees are flowering a lot sooner.



The potential future effects of climate change include an increase in the number and duration of tropical storms, longer periods of drought, and more frequent wildfires. Each one of us needs to take immediate action and do our part to reduce global warming emissions that are affecting the entire planet.


The ClimateForce initiative has come not a moment too soon. It only underlines the fact that nothing is impossible when we design tomorrow together!

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