Social Responsibilty

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The Cyient Approach

Taking Small Steps Towards Creating Lasting Change

Our relationships with our clients grow the more we do for them. We call this the virtuous circle. And it is precisely the same philosophy that we have towards our social responsibilities. We believe that the concept of the virtuous circle extends to the way we have taken up cleanliness, education, and digital awareness as our focus areas for social responsibility. We believe that the more we give back to the society, the more they prosper, and the more it helps us grow.

To support our commitment towards the society, we have allocated 2% of our yearly profits as our annual budget for our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Education and sanitation

We have made small but definite forays in the area of education by adopting a primary school. Our continuous efforts have helped improve the overall pass rates as well as the attendance of girl students. We provide sanitary toilet and clean drinking water facilities that ensure a hygienic environment. We have also put together an online digital library, which offers periodicals, study materials, and other resources for the students, free of cost. Our digital library consists of several computers, a robust Internet connection, and a library assistant who helps and guides the students.

Digital literacy and skill development

We empower local communities through digital literacy and have established a National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) to ensure that at least one member from each local family increases their chances of gainful employment. We also have a skill development initiative that focuses on training students in communication and life skills to ensure that they have a better chance at gaining employment.

Disaster relief assistance

We are always prepared to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief support in times of a catastrophe. We provided backpacks, school supplies, and other materials to 3000 school students in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and contributed INR 4 million towards helping the victims of Uttarakhand floods.

We also actively contribute to innovation initiatives at LV Prasad Eye Institute, a leading health institution. Our target contribution to this cause is INR 25 million over a five- year period.

We apply our brand promise of Designing Tomorrow Together to our CSR activities as well.

Designing: Solving social problems by using our expertise creatively

Tomorrow: Shaping a better tomorrow through our future-facing activities

Together: Doing more, doing better, together with our colleagues, clients, partners, and the society to generate collective intelligence and trust.