Smart mobility for a connected, improved tomorrow

Intelligent Transport


Trends shaping the future of movement

  • Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Mobility – ACES or CASE – reflect how the consumers’ needs have evolved over just the past decade. Shared mobility was disrupted by technology. The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) disrupted the automotive industry and now with delivery drones, the logistics industry is at the cusp of transformation.
  • As 5G networks become more mainstream, it opens up immense possibilities for the mobility sector. Accurate predictive maintenance, precise insurance premiums based on driving methods, autonomous vehicles and drones delivering groceries; the possibilities are endless and interestingly, the solutions are right here, before us.
  • The future will see an expansion of the advanced air mobility market, which includes electric aircrafts, air taxis, and other urban air mobility solutions. Technologies such as simulation and AR/VR will reduce the time-to-market for products as designers and engineers will be able to visualize real-world scenarios in the virtual world.
  • Autonomous mass-transit solutions and a high adoption of cobots will be key catalysts for rapid disruption in this space.
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