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Addressing the Data Dilemma in Utilities

OT/IT Convergence


The global utility industry is undergoing massive change and transformation in the form of deregulation, customer engagements, and distributed energy sources. This has led to a huge influx of data from multiple sources, making it paramount for all utilities to focus on data-centricity, enabling a better decision-making framework.

Thursday, March 19
1pm EDT

To learn more about how your organization can address data dilemmas and how OT/IT convergence can help you unlock value, download the thought paper by Cyient and IDC, which also features a web talk with Cyient, IDC, and Scottish Power Network
Utilities must organize themselves around bringing IT and operations together to manage the data explosion and build a decision-making framework that uses insights derived from data.
Data transformation can be owed to different kinds of use cases such as assets, distributed energy sources, and stakeholder engagement.
The OT/IT convergence results in a more common data-centric infrastructure with responsibilities to ensure data governance and compliance.
OT/IT convergence unlocks great value not just for the grid, but also for assets, operations, and manpower.

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