Field Engineering

We at Cyient offer field engineering services drawing upon our GIS data management expertise, vast utility infrastructure, and asset domain knowledge. Leveraging our cross-functional expertise in IT and data analysis tools and strong partnerships with field contracting agencies across multiple geographies, we assist utilities in complying with regulatory policies. Our services include asset management, engineering analysis of the existing assets, and making recommendations. We help build capabilities for proactive maintenance with predictive insights. We offer solutions and services in multiple areas such as identification of overloaded assets, analysis of operational statistics to define maintenance parameters, analysis of structural integrity, transformation heat maps, etc.

How We Can Help

  • FiOPs is an integrated, analytics-based, spatial solution that leverages our knowledge of MDMS and other utility IT and OT systems
  • Help transform the grid and incorporate elements of situational awareness that helps enhance a utility’s operational efficiencies by leveraging meter data information
  • Knowledge of the electric utility infrastructure along with proven methodologies help deliver and analyze data from the field to utility IT systems
    • PADIF: pole assessment data information framework
    • PATS: pole assessment tracking system
    • Field pad system
  • Proven partnerships to enable scale and capacity expansion
  • Advanced data validation tools and data acceptance testing help clients validate the collected data

Quick Facts

  • Servicing large clients in the US: PG&E, SCE, AEP, and Duke Power
  • Over 300 field staff based out of NAM to support field services