Mobile Application Development

We at Cyient have designed a unique mobile-based, patent-pending (#1640/CHE/2014) application − Field Operations Management System (FOMSTM). Mobile geographic information system (GIS) application extends beyond the office and allows the field force to make accurate, real-time business decisions and collaborate effectively in both field and office environments. It provides a range of mobile field-mapping applications that help make better-informed decisions in the field. The application offers a comprehensive platform to edit GIS data of multiple assets. It helps build on the advantages of existing systems, and it simplifies the process of collecting field data and completing field surveys with media-enriched location information that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

How We Can Help

  • Mobile application development capabilities connect the field staff with each other and help streamline operations across large geographical areas in real-time
  • Unique mapping mobile application with user-friendly editing, querying, and spatial analysis features helps correlate live geographical data
  • Capture and analysis of large data sets targeted at work management systems, testing, field data gathering and redlining
  • Increase in the productivity of the field crew combined with a decrease in the cost of data maintenance (through reduced duplication of activities)

Quick Facts

  • Improves the efficiency and accuracy on field operations by 30%
  • Provides rapid data collection and seamless data integration
  • Replaces paper-based workflows
  • Provides an interface with GE Smallworld or ESRI data stores
  • Decreases task redundancy and keeps data more current
  • Accelerates business processes for network planning and augmentation