IT Service Management

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Cyient has been providing IT Service Management solutions for over 17 years to some of the largest organizations across the world with large, complex IT infrastructures.

What We Do

The business services that Cyient provides may have different names depending on the market. Some of the names include IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Service Assurance, Business Service Management, and IT Service Operations Management. Though the name of the services we provide may vary, the outcomes that our clients require are consistent and encompass the below requirements:

  • Enable IT staff to efficiently manage the complex IT infrastructure used to deliver business services
  • Ensure a satisfying user experience by providing timely service fulfillment, reliable service availability, along with quick and accurate interactions.

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The Problems We Solve

Some of the problem statements we hear from clients include:

  • We’ve added tools over time as our infrastructure has grown – now our solution is complicated and expensive
  • It takes too long to identify and resolve service problems – the outages are impacting the business
  • We have too many alerts and tickets – it’s a constant fire drill
  • We spend too much time doing repetitive tasks – we don’t have the time to add strategic value to the business
  • Organic growth and acquisitions have created a landscape of silos with a mix of disconnected vendor tools – we’re stretching our staff and budget to manage all the separate systems
  • Lastly, a verbatim quote from a client: “We learn about service problems when customers call”

The Outcomes We Deliver

When we were defining our service offering 17 years ago, Gartner was forming the strategic foundation for the emerging ITSM discipline. The outcomes defined in Gartner’s pioneering work continue to shape client goals and the resulting services that we provide:

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