Data Maintenance

Our data maintenance services at Cyient encompass updating GIS systems in utilities and communications networks with the latest technologies in the field. The update is either spatial or attributive in nature, based on the type of changes recorded in work orders. The data maintenance services help in posting the backlog work orders, as well as regular field updates received from utility and communications in the form of as-built drawings and work orders.

In the mining domain, we help maintain exploration databases by updating the data with missing attributes or new exploration data, as well as ensuring that the databases are operating optimally.

How We Can Help

  • Our data model SmartCataloguer serves as a starter platform and automates the management of service records, capturing service attributes accurately.
  • Based on distributed replication technology, our unique delivery methodology helps update inventory data records automatically and keeps track of data changes.
  • The system’s built-in conflict management capabilities help ensure consistency and database purity before the replicated changes are delivered to the client’s core system.

Quick Facts

  • Provided end-to-end inventory solutions for Asia’s leading integrated telecom service provider by implementing unified network inventory system and field fiber engineering services
  • Updated over 80,000 records according to the latest canvas reports taken from the NPAMS database canvas report
  • Posted about 200,000 backlog work orders over a period of four years, where we updated records from approximately 2.5 million paper sources by using a unique tracking system and maintaining records in a database to create log and report files as per client’s requirement