Data Conversion Migration

We at Cyient provide data conversion and migration services for electric utilities, communication service providers (CSPs), energy and natural resources (ENR), geospatial providers, and organizations that utilize geospatial systems. The service is aimed at helping our clients derive maximum benefit from their GIS systems. Our data conversion and migration services are typically performed for the following:

Transmission and distribution asset data, Land-base and survey data, Backbone and distribution network for CSPs, Migration from multiple GIS formats and systems, Middleware-based (Citrix) conversion and migration from offshore, ENR exploration data, Other forms of data.

Our clients benefit from our rigorous quality control practices, expertise in multiple GIS systems and formats, and our in-depth knowledge of the utilities, telecom, and geospatial domains. We possess extensive experience in processing large and complex spatial datasets while adhering to strict data quality standards.

How We Can Help

  • InTelEctTM is our automated,in-house application that acts as a mediator, enabling data transformation-from various legacy formats such as paper records, CAD files, images, databases, etc., to the target platform.
  • TruShift®, an in-house application with robust automatic tools, helps transform data to real-world coordinates in accordance with business rules, enhances the quality of data, and reduces manual intervention.

Quick Facts

  • Converted about 586 million network elements and migrated more than 22 million network elements
  • Over 25 million hours of data service experience across telecom, electric, gas, water utilities, energy and natural resources sectors, including data migration experience of more than 4.5 million hours
  • Consistently achieved 99% on-timedelivery and 98% first-time acceptance rates in data management services