Data Conflation

Our spatial conflation process helps clients adjust their existing asset data and align it with the latest base map. Our hands-on approach to solving real-world geographic data inconsistencies enables us to effectively address challenges in maintaining accurate data in real-time. Our range of in-house software tools utilizes intelligent spatial shifting technology to automate conflation processes, and it has successfully solved numerous challenges facing utility, communications and government organizations. Our data conflation services include:

  • Realignment of the support structure(pole), surface structure(pedestals, padmount), and transmission and distribution assets from legacy land base to accurate COTS land base
  • Realignment of the support structure, surface structures and asset data to accurate location using high-resolution ortho imagery and surveyed GPS location
  • Realignment of backbone and distribution network of communications assets from legacy land base to accurate COTS land base
  • Realignment of utility and communications-specific land base features to COTS land base

How We Can Help

  • Design a proprietary delivery methodology to execute conflation using a low-cost technology (AutoCAD, ARX) that reduces the risk of cost overruns
  • Our delivery mechanism allows users to continue working on the system during the conflation process, minimizing production downtime
  • Use of quality control methodology, such as geometric integrity and crossing lines and dimensions, help focus on quality, and consistently achieve 99.9% accuracy in data conflation
  • Process automation and comprehensive in-house tools optimize quality, reduce manual intervention, and eliminate costly data cleansing procedures

Quick Facts

  • Enabled clients to achieve a higher level of spatial accuracy (up to 98%) to fully realize operational benefits
  • More than 15 projects executed across the globe for CSPs and utilities
  • Helped CSPs reconcile data without disrupting the existing inventory systems