Our LiDAR (light detection and ranging) services provide decision-makers with a high level of analysis, intelligence, and visualization to drive better business decisions. We process point clouds from both aerial and mobile LiDAR sources to deliver the required thematic map data. Our team helps identify and classify natural features and manmade assets (roads, utilities, vehicles, houses, etc.), creating high-resolution DEMs and city views for operational insights. Our high-quality LiDAR services enable organizations to access precise asset databases, 3D building models, and 3D city maps.

How We Can Help

  • Ability to process aerial and mobile LiDAR data that results in high-quality output with 10 cm accuracy

Quick Facts

  • Processed over 30,000 sq. km of LiDAR data
  • Ability to process point clouds from 0.6 points/sq. m to 2 points/sq. m for aerial LiDAR, and up to 2,500 points/sq. m for mobile LiDAR