Fixed Wing LiDAR

For large-scale areas of capture, a fixed wing LiDAR solution provides all the benefits of high- resolution data, while still being able to capture at rapid flying speeds.

Utilizing our fixed-wing LiDAR system, we’re able to fly higher and faster to cover more ground, yet still, achieve high-resolution data. The system is capable of collecting detailed point densities and gather 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last returns.

This system is perfect for rapid acquisition of accurate DTMs and DEMs of large areas and can be processed to provide additional contour models, TINs, outline mapping, and much more.

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Rapid Capture
Capture high-resolution data over large areas quickly

High Accuracy
This system achieves comprehensive point densities and is perfect for detailed DTMs/DSMs

Cost Effective
Quickly covers large areas to provide a cost-effective solution for extensive surveys

Vegetation Penetration
Due to the system’s multiple returns, view detail obscured by vegetation

Day and Night Operation
LiDAR surveys can be carried out at night to reduce ATC complications


Flood Mapping
Our system’s rapid collection over large areas provides terrain models for accurate flood risk analysis

Urban Modelling & Planning
Capture large complex areas to create complex urban city models for planning and management

Forestry Inventory & Management
The system can survey both tree cover as well as the underlying ground below, providing a complete understanding of the terrain

Transport Infrastructure
Survey road and rail networks without costly closures


We have a range of sensors ideally suited for projects where vast areas of data are required. The key advantage of a fixed-wing solution is the ability to cover greater areas in a single flight. This is ideal for producing low-cost DTM/DSM deliverables, as well as providing a perfect data source for topographic mapping.