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Cyient is a global engineering company with more than 20 years of hands-on semiconductor expertise, operating from 47 locations across more than 21 countries. Our semiconductor and system services and solutions are designed to enable the complete silicon and software development process, from conception through production. To date, we have achieved more than 300 semiconductor tapeouts with first-turn functional success, and our customer base includes five of the top ten semiconductor companies worldwide.

Our Solutions & Services

Custom Analog Mixed-Signal ASIC Solutions

Our 20+ years of experience in customized analog and smart sensor system solutions is not only differentiated but also enables significant system cost reductions. We have built a variety of custom ASICs for clients in industries requiring enhanced precision, reliability and quality, including medical and automotive. We have also built several custom ASICs in industrial and other fast-growing markets like smart home and smart grid, as well as custom solutions requiring expertise in analog, RF & mixed-signal.

Find out how our custom solutions can turn your ASIC needs into innovations!

ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design Services

Experts in high-performance, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system-on-chip (SoC), and field programmable gate array (FPGA) semiconductor design, Cyient has the experience and electronic design tool resources necessary to apply to each stage of the design process. In addition, we offer years of SoC design experience with ARM Cortex M processors for multiple applications, complex networking chips, high- to low-power, and high- to low-speed chips for various applications, including automotive, industrial, consumer, data centers, and more. We also have in-depth experience with Altera, Xilinx, and Microsemi FPGA through ASIC flow, including full custom silicon development, feature updates, and process node migration. As a Tier-1 supplier, we leverage our partnerships and DLM capability. Our strong, established partnerships with ecosystem players for, design tools, electronic design automation (EDA) tools, and foundries has contributed to the success of our customers.

Design Verification (Mixed Signal, Analog, & Digital)

Our design verification experts have years of hands-on experience with analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices, as well as intellectual property (IP) blocks. We perform digital and mixed-signal verification using comprehensive universal verification methodology (UVM). We focus on verification as one of the most important tasks, beginning with planning the type of simulators to developing the verification plan that maps the requirements and breaking the device, including a comprehensive coveragemetrics. We have the expertise to work together with you on methodologies like FastMOS Ultrasim to improve time efficiency for mixed-signal simulation and on a behavioral modeling strategy in System Verilog, Verilog AMS, and Verilog A etc. We have hands-on experience with analog mixed-signal (AMS) simulations, gate-level simulations with simulation delay file (SDF) annotation, design for test (DFT) verification, RC extraction, and ARM sub-system and SoC level verification for automotive (with ISO26262 compliance), consumer and industrial applications, data centers and more.

Embedded Software Design & Services

Our embedded software and application development team offers industry experience in AUTOSAR development with ISO26262 compliance, next-generation advanced drive assist systems (ADAS), infotainment application development, computer vision, and handheld applications and services. We help you in designing your application end to end. Many of our customers have benefitted from our expertise, from our board support package (BSP) to system validation. Ask us for our computer vision and automotive demos!

Silicon Validation

From our board designs to comprehensive post-silicon bench validation for various types of silicons, including automotive power management IC (PMIC) with ISO26262, microprocessors, consumer, and industrial devices, we offer a variety of support designed to improve our customers’ capabilities. Our expertise ranges from the selection of equipment and creating a comprehensive validation plan with mapping to developing requirement specifications to bug tracking and working closely with architects to ensure functionality and coverage. We perform LabVIEW automation of bench validation, and characterization of parameters, bench, and automatic test equipment (ATE) correlation to ensure a smoother transition into the production process.

Physical IC Design

Rich experience in the physical design flow, methodologies and leading EDA tools enables Cyient to deliver physical design services for any semiconductor technology and geometry down to the latest 10 nm finFET process. Our design processes ensure that we deliver netlist to GDSII in just two iterations or less. We provide DFT, automatic test pattern generation (ATPG), and the floor planning location and route, partitioning, power island design, including low power optimization, clock-tree synthesis and signal integrity analysis, and ECO implementation, as required.

Custom IC Design

Our clients use the latest and most advanced semiconductor technologies. In all cases, the migration from one semiconductor design process to the next requires significant IP migration from one technology node to the next. Our specialists perform custom IP design and migration to enable a faster adoption of new higher performance and lower power semiconductor nodes. This enables our clients to drive the leading-edge technologies and compete in the global marketplace.


Our team members bring together years of experience in optimal compression techniques with a modular approach and a compression factor, ranging from 10x to 20x, highest test coverage with efficient fault models, built-in-self test (BIST) for memory and logic, on-chip test resources, expertise in scan insertion, ATPG pattern generation for different fault models and pattern validation with a timing simulation, JTAG validation, and low-power DFT implementations, including IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 standards for JTAG and performance testing, post-silicon ATE debug, and support.


Our Layout team has years of hands-on experience in custom layouts with expertise such as 112 GHz SERDES design development in 16nm, and development of sensor modules in 7nm, releasing an average of 3-4 LNAs every month (CL), and PMIC for automobile applications. We have completed a number of challenging IP developments using advanced process nodes 16nm, 10nm, and 7nm successfully.

Our layout expertise also includes digital and analog domains, including analog to digital converters (ADC), charge pumps, linear-switching regulators, and SERDES. We also have completed a characterization of a standard cell library, memory and analog modules, ESD (static charge) and bond pad/bump layout design, RF custom layouts, and custom memory development using static random access memory (SRAM) and, read-only memory (ROM).

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