Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering industry has been at the forefront of margin pressures and rising costs. Although industry players have traditionally embraced outsourcing, they are now forced to look beyond traditional approaches to stay ahead in a highly competitive global business environment. This includes optimizing their R&D efforts, and developing products faster, better and more cost-effectively.

We have been delivering mechanical engineering solutions across several industries for over 23 years. We understand the importance of innovating and ensuring that new products are introduced into the market with optimal time to market. Our team comprises experts with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, as well as functional and industry-specific domain knowledge and standards. With more than 4,000 mechanical engineers, 400 domain experts, and over 500 ASME certified engineers across various engineering industries, we act as a one-stop shop for mechanical engineering services.

Our solutions span a wide range of industries including aerospace and defense, heavy engineering, transportation, energy and natural resources, consumer, and medical. We also provide benchmarking, product engineering, mechanical design, mechanical analysis, product localization, value engineering and analysis, modeling and detailing, hydraulics, reverse engineering and testing services. Here are some ways in which we delivered business impact to our clients:

  • Contributed to 27% of engineering effort with more than 100 design concepts for a large aero engine program, improving fuel efficiency by 14% and reducing engine noise by 50%
  • Supported end-to-end product development including structures, booms, decking, hydraulics and engine integration for emission compliance of a heavy duty truck crane, and meeting the roadability requirements of all the states in the US. We also helped reduce the product development time from 14 to 11 months through a collaborative right shoring model.
  • Collaborated with a rail OEM for the concept design of a new engine frame including design of interfaces and creation of complete CAD models and manufacturing drawings. This enabled the customer to create reliable and robust products in a shorter timeframe thereby increasing the their time-to-market for product launch
  • A leading mining OEM acquired a new entity whose equipment was designed in SolidWorks. We helped migrate the platform to Unigraphics (customer’s incumbent software tool) for over 3,000 components that required re-mastering. We developed new methodologies, and leveraged our robust processes and checking mechanisms to ensure 99% first-time acceptance (FTA). This enabled our client to streamline the change management and smooth transition of the acquired entity into the client’s ecosystem
  • Achieved 20% reduction in engineering cost through alternate material selection for the water management system of a wide-body, long-range aircraft program. We identified superior alternate material and redesigned existing parts to optimize the weight.