First Article Inspection

Our first-article-inspection (FAI) methodology at Cyient, which is also referred to as a part production approval process (PPAP), ensures that all engineering design and specification requirements are properly understood, accounted for, verified and documented. Our team possesses experience in various stages of FAI including first time manufacturing and modifications to processes or operations. Furthermore, we support full and partial FAI in accordance with the guidelines of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). As part of the first-article-inspection services, we undertake:

  • FAI planning and review
  • Full inspection-planning report
  • Supplementary and partial FAI report
  • Training material for FAI planning and review

How We Can Help

  • Proven expertise in escape identification and backlog reduction for FAI
  • Rich experience in aerospace components and subsystems across structures and engines to optimize the process of FAI

Quick Facts

  • Core team of over 30 engineers for FAI
  • Delivered more than 600 FAI plans for aero structure products
  • Over 30,000 FAI reports reviewed for aero structure products
  • FAI for over 70 US and 5 other aero structure suppliers
  • Identified more than 200 potential escapes
  • AS9102 standards-compliant