Obsolescence Management

At Cyient we have extensive experience in providing value-added services and resources in part and product obsolescence management. We have established well-defined processes, methods and tools to largely nullify the effect of part and product obsolescence.

Due to rapid technological changes and disruptive innovations, components may become outdated or reach end of life (EOL). The cost of procuring and finding components and replacing them is high. And due to disruptive technological changes, upgrading the standard architecture has become of highest importance. Our obsolescence management services address these problems by redesigning the boards with equivalent components, stressing code re-usability and BOM cost reduction.

How We Can Help

  • One-stop vendor with capabilities to provide hardware, software and mechanical solutions
  • Serving top-tier semiconductor companies in FPGA, PCB, value engineering, and obsolescence management

Quick Facts

  • Supporting top-tier semiconductor and aerospace organizations in obsolescence management by providing aftermarket support for EOL components
  • Large resource pool of hardware experts capable of architecting complex designs and providing the best solutions in a state-of-the-art electronics lab, including critical safety aspects – DO178B, DO254, IEC, CENELAC, ISO 26262