Technical Authoring

Technical authoring provides content for functional, operational, maintenance, and assembly and disassembly aspects of a component, system, subsystem or an assembly. It is aimed at user groups such as operators, shop floor technicians, and engineers. We at Cyient offer technical authoring as a stand-alone service, as part of an overall product-engineering project, or as a complete technical publication package. It encompasses:

  • Catalogues: Illustrated parts catalogue, illustrated parts list
  • Bulletins: Engineering change, service bulletins, maintenance directives, etc.
  • Technical manuals: Cleaning, inspection and repair; structural repair; component maintenance manual; engine manual; operations manual; safety manual; etc.

How We Can Help

  • End-to-end ownership of manual authoring, from content gathering to publication
  • An experienced team with multi-industry and multidiscipline domain expertise
  • Dedicated authoring team with expertise in various aspects of technical repair writing, service bulletins, engine manual writing, and CMMs across multiple industries

Quick Facts

  • Multi-industry authoring teams with over 150 resources
  • Over three million hours of technical authoring tasks delivered across industry domains
  • Through our productivity improvement plans, we have helped our clients save up to $1.6 million. We follow various industry standards such as ATA 100, ATA iSpec 2200, ASD–STE 100, SCORM 2.0, DITA, AcroLinx, and client-specific guidelines and style guides
  • Proficient with tools such as Arbortext Editor (SGML and XML), Adobe Frame Maker, MS Word, Page Maker, and Quick Silver
  • Delivered cumulative productivity savings of over $100K using various in-house automation tools