Mechanical Manufacturing Services

Cyient delivers high-precision machining and assembly services that help leading companies in the aerospace, defense, medical technology, consumer products, transportation, and heavy equipment industries design and develop complex products with a focus on reducing time-to-market and improving market penetration. Our world-class facilities, project management, sourcing, supply chain management, and production processes, supported by investments in the latest technology and expertise in the delivery of quality products make us a preferred mechanical design and development partner.

Our experience spans across the manufacturing of prototypes, small batch production, single parts, package components, complete structures and assemblies that involve intricate machining and assembly. We also specialize in additive manufacturing (3D printing) for proof-of-concept designs, design verification, and functional testing. We follow industry best practices to ensure quality control and are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

Our mechanical manufacturing capabilities include:

Typical Components Developed

Holding bracket for satellite

Aircraft door latch in Beryllium Copper

Rotor mast bearing housing for helicopters

Satellite part in titanium

Holding bracket for satellite

Optronics housing

Titanium pinion housing

Electronic enclosure

Electronic housing

Heat sink

Housing with integral heat sink

PCB housing

In addition, we offer the flexibility to create components and address challenges related to the following materials:

Beryllium Copper
Stainless Steel
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