Improving Londoners’ commute - A Cyient - Thales Signaling collaboration

Improving Londoners’ commute - A Cyient - Thales Signaling collaboration

Over the last decade, the London Underground had seen unprecedented growth in demand with over a billion users each year and growing. The continuous increase led the LU to plan the Jubilee and Northern Line Upgrade Program (JNUP), which included the design, procurement, and installation of a Transmission- Based Train Control (TBTC) system. Thales implemented the TBTC system, in partnership with Cyient.

We carried out the testing and installation works for JNUP during off times like nights, weekends, and festivals to ensure the upgrade happened with minimal disruption to train operations.

The new system in place allows automated train control to reduce waiting time between trains and increase revenue production. By bringing in best practices and mature processes from our vast experience in rail signaling, our engineers enabled Thales to achieve faster delivery cycles at lower costs, delivering safety-critical designs within strict timelines.

Download this case study to learn how our signaling services helped London Underground increase passengers by 12500 per hour, reduce the journey time by 18%, growth in capacity by 200%, and run 30 trains per hour during the peak time.

Download the Case Study