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It's Official: Cyient Limited Is the New Name for Infotech Enterprises

Company launches new brand globally to better position for future growth

HYDERABAD, India – 7 May 2014 – Today Cyient Limited, formerly known as Infotech Enterprises Limited, announced its new name is official based on approval from a shareholders’ vote.

“We are now Cyient,” said BVR Mohan Reddy, executive chairman and founder. “This new brand identity is an important step in positioning us as a distinctively unique global company that represents our vision and our forward-looking initiatives.”

The company, which reported a 17.8 percent increase in 2014 revenue, recently named Krishna Bodanapu, formerly president and chief operating officer, as chief executive officer and managing director.

“As we began discussing changes to Infotech’s brand, our goal was to further establish the company’s identity as the industry leader we have become over the last 20 years,” explained BVR Mohan Reddy. “We originally intended to simply update our brand identity. As we developed the rationale, we realized an entirely new name would help to better define our evolution, our current scope of capabilities and accomplishments, and signal our future growth plans to all our stakeholders.”

Krishna Bodanapu said, “We decided on a constructed word that implies both the type of solutions we develop and also recognizes our company history, heritage and the values we will carry forward. Cyient has connotations to the words ‘client’ and ‘science’ – two important components in our company’s success – and ‘ient’ references Infotech Enterprises, our foundation and continuity. All of our efforts in this important initiative were developed to fulfill our vision of ‘Designing Tomorrow Together.'”

The new brand is designed to reinforce the company’s longstanding commitment to working closely with clients and developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems. The process of determining the new identity involved various brand specialists and the new name was tested in 17 languages.

Management indicated reaction to the name change has been very positive among associates and clients. “For fourteen years, Infotech has proven its focus on continuous improvement and ongoing commitment to delivering customer value,” said Tom Prete, vice president, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney. “As Cyient, they will continue to be a truly integrated partner, and we look forward to continuing our relationship under their new brand.”

Since its founding as Infotech Enterprises in 1991, the company has become a global leader in engineering, networks and operations: from being involved in every major aircraft design program to mapping and managing over 32 million kilometers of road data that contribute to safe and efficient driving.

“Cyient has a vast portfolio of forward-looking solutions and services that ultimately contribute to a better world,” stated Krishna Bodanapu. “In this process, we intensely collaborate with clients, associates and the ecosystem to build lasting partnerships. This is the basis of the company vision for ‘Designing Tomorrow Together.'”

Cyient has more than 12,000 associates across 38 global locations. Clients include major aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, utilities and communications companies.

Elements of the Cyient brand, including a new logo, website and marketing materials, have been developed in partnership with global brand agency Wolff Olins. New signage is being implemented in each of its global offices.

“The company will immediately begin operations as Cyient Limited,” said BVR Mohan Reddy. “Cyient is a company that is focused on the future by building on its past. We will always keep our clients, associates, investors and our role as a responsible corporate citizen at the center of everything we do for years to come.”

About Cyient Limited

Cyient Limited is an engineering, network and operations solutions company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. More than 12,000 associates across 38 global locations apply expertise in industries including aerospace, consumer, energy, medical, oil and gas, mining, heavy equipment, semiconductor, rail transportation, utilities and communications. By collaborating closely with clients to anticipate needs and solve complex problems, Cyient has developed long-term partnerships with companies around the world. This enables them to do more and reach further, resulting in a better tomorrow.

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