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Infotech Enterprises Obtains Trademark Registration for their Data Conflation Tool - TruShift

Hartford, CT, July 2011 – Infotech Enterprises (Infotech), a global leader in engineering solutions, is pleased to announce the trademark registration of one of its proprietary technologies. Infotech’s data conflation tool, TruShift®, is an intelligent spatial shifting technology which conflates landbase and network facilities data to alternate horizontal control. TruShift® has been instrumental in the successful delivery of a number of conflation projects since 2009, allowing Infotech’s Utility and Telecom customers to make better decisions in the planning, design, and maintenance of their networks efficiently. This breakthrough technology is used for the Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) of network models in any GIS environment while maintaining cartographic standards in relation to a more accurate landbase. TruShift® is a high-performance toolbox which blends human and automated decisions in an interactive AutoCAD ARX environment.

TruShift has numerous advantages which include the use of automatically generated geometrical constraints which can be tailored for any project to match cartographic and business rules as needed. The resulting “chain of control” can be re-applied without data degradation, as needed, for long-term maintenance and sustainability.

Infotech’s COO/General Manager Utilities, Jim Fass, states “We are always looking to find ways to stay ahead of the industry. With over 10 years of spatial conflation experience, we felt we had a perspective on what business drivers were most important in the successful completion of conflation services, and we designed TruShift technology with those drivers in mind. Our intent is not to place TruShift as a COTS offering, but to utilize TruShift internally to provide superior value for our conflation services customers.”

About Infotech Enterprises

Infotech Enterprises provides leading-edge engineering solutions, including product development and lifecycle support, process, network, and content engineering to major organizations worldwide. With nearly two decades of continuous growth, Infotech leverages a “Global Delivery and Collaborative Engineering Model” to achieve measurable and substantial benefits for our clients.

Infotech has 8,700+ engineers across 30 global locations. Our clients span multiple industries such as Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Medical, Heavy Equipment, Rail, Semiconductor, Telecom, and Utilities and include 22 ‘Fortune 500’ and 27 ‘Global 500’ blue chip organizations. Our quality management framework is compliant to global standards which include: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, TL 9000, AS9100B, ISO 13485, and CMMi Level 5.

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