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Cyient Equips its Engineers with an Experience Center Enabling Quicker Time to Market for its Customers

Hyderabad, 17th July 2014 – As part of its corporate vision of Designing Tomorrow Together, today Cyient inaugurated a state-of-the-art Experience Center which gives its engineers the ability to see, touch and learn about products and components the company designs. The purpose of the Cyient Experience Center is to close the gap between the engineers’ design and the final product, resulting in a shorter design cycle for Cyient customers.

Spanning an area of over 15,000 sq. ft., the new facility at the company’s Manikonda campus is spread over two floors with dedicated spaces for product display, prototyping, inspection and assembly. An investment of INR 50 million was made by Cyient to build this facility.

The Cyient Experience Center focuses on ‘Innovation @ Cyient,’ which helps engineers better prototype their designs. The facility also enables efficient product realization giving rapid prototyping capabilities to the engineers, thereby accelerating the development cycle time from concept to final design. 
Prototyping of parts with advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, 3D printers and table-top machines capable of producing plastic and metal components ensures seamless transition from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to physical outcome. The Center will exhibit actual products designed by Cyient to help engineers see, analyze and learn.

The Cyient Experience Center is designed to support a wide spectrum of verticals including Utilities and Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, Rail/Transportation, Energy and Natural Resources, Heavy Engineering, Consumer, Medical, and Manufacturing Engineering.

To mark the occasion, a PW4090 aircraft engine donated to Cyient by Pratt & Whitney was installed at the Experience Center. This engine which is capable of producing 90,000 pounds of thrust, is meant to serve as a source of inspiration to Cyient associates, symbolizing the extent and reach of their capabilities and opportunities. Other engine sub-assemblies donated earlier by Pratt & Whitney to Cyient have also been moved to the new facility. The Center will also be an inspiration to budding engineers from the colleges that Cyient partners closely with, who are not currently Cyient employees.

Present to inaugurate this facility along with the Cyient board members were Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Executive Chairman, Cyient; Dr. Jayant Sabnis, Vice President, Engineering-Module Centers, Pratt & Whitney; and Mr. Mahesh Patel, Manager, Global Engineering Sourcing, Pratt & Whitney.

Commenting on the inauguration, Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy explained, “At Cyient, we are innovating constantly to deliver efficient and improved solutions to our customers. In this dynamic market, customers expect us to partner with them to meet their business objectives. In line with market requirements, our Experience Center will not only enable our engineers to design better products, but also cut down the design cycle time significantly leading to seamless production and faster time to market at our customers’ end. This Center will also help accelerate our engineers learning and give shape to their innovations quicker”.

Adding to this, Dr. Jayant Sabnis said, “Pratt & Whitney has built a strong relationship with Cyient over several years. The PW4090 engine which we have donated, will be a permanent display at their Experience Center and will enable engineers who work on Pratt & Whitney projects to have invaluable, hands-on experience.”

The infrastructure for prototyping and inspection equipment at the Center will be added in a phased manner.

About Cyient Limited

Cyient Limited is an engineering, network and operations solutions company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. More than 12,000 associates across 38 global locations apply expertise in industries including aerospace, consumer, energy, medical, oil and gas, mining, heavy equipment, semiconductor, rail transportation, utilities and communications. By collaborating closely with clients to anticipate needs and solve complex problems, Cyient has developed long-term partnerships with companies around the world. This enables them to do more and reach further, resulting in a better tomorrow.

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