Cyient's IoT Readiness Assessment Survey

The Internet of Things (IoT), as a term, is relatively young, but visions of machines automating and communicating with each other have been imagined since the early 1800s.  While communication technologies have evolved consistently over the years, the pace of change accelerated rapidly with the digital era, ushering in the ability to digitize data, communicate it wirelessly, store it in large quantities, and process it to yield actionable insights.

Technology has always pushed the boundaries of what businesses can do, but many companies are not yet aware of what it takes to develop IoT-enabled products, and the endeavor can feel overwhelming to organizations. From selecting hardware to developing analytics to training technicians, there is a lot required to execute IoT solutions quickly and effectively. This is where Cyient can help.

Cyient has developed an IoT Readiness Assessment to help companies understand the breadth and depth of knowledge, tools, key stakeholders, and preparedness required to effectively execute any IoT or connected equipment initiative.

Whether your company is looking to enable IoT solutions to improve internal processes or to fuel a new revenue model for growth, Cyient can bring clarity to the technical and business elements necessary for a successful IoT implementation, simplifying the process so you can focus more on your business.

Below is a quick survey that will provide a high-level understanding of where your organization stands against industry benchmarks that define the success of IoT-enabled products. Once you have finished responding to the seven statements, you will receive your results, which will rate your company’s readiness in comparison to the industry standard. This quick survey is part of a larger assessment tool which helps companies identify strong and weak areas across multiple business functions related to delivering an IoT strategy.

Whether you plan to build, buy or partner, we can provide insight into your organization’s results and how they can be applied to your IoT initiatives.  Upon receiving your scores, you will have the option to request a discussion with an IoT expert to review your results in more detail. We look forward to connecting with you.

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