Semiconductor Design Services

Cyient offers turnkey analog, digital and mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuit ASIC design and system-on-chip (SoC) design services. Our strong ecosystem, including design tools, EDA tools, and foundries provides our clients a complete, end-to-end product development solution all in one place, making Cyient an ideal semiconductor design services partner.

Cyient offers 20+ years of SoC design services experience with ARM and other ASIC processors for multiple applications. With more than 300 successful tapeouts of varying complexities, power and speeds for automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, smart home and data centers, we can partner with you to develop a successful chip for your next innovative application by shortening time-to-market. Five of the top 10 global semiconductor vendors are our ASIC design services clients.

Learn more about our vast semiconductor design services below.

Our Services

Design Verification (Mixed Signal, Analog, & Digital)

Achieve your most important requirements, including high-quality silicon and faster time-to-market with Cyient's hands-on experience in the design verification of analog, digital and mixed-signal designs, with proven experience and industry tools.


  • Expertise: Analog mixed-signal (AMS), gate-level simulation with SDF annotation, design for test (DFT) verification, and RC extraction
  • Universal verification methodology (UVM) for digital and mixed-signal verification
  • Behavioral modeling strategy in System Verilog, Verilog AMS, and Verilog A, etc.
  • Automated constrained random verification and automatic regressions with checkers to verify bug fixes
  • ARM subsystem and SoC verification
  • Verification planning with mapping-to-requirement specifications and comprehensive coverage analysis
  • Automotive (with ISO26262 compliance), industrial, consumer, IoT, and medical industry experience

Embedded Software Design & Services

Take advantage of Cyient’s embedded software services, embedded software solutions expertise,and proven industry experience with various ASIC processors and applications to build your system from the ground up with time-to-market advantage.


  • Board support package (BSP), board bring-up, firmware, and device drivers
  • Operating system (OS) enablement, kernel porting, real-time operating system (RTOS), android, wearables, and Linux)
  • Connected factory, connected car frameworks, and location-based services
  • Audio, video, multimedia, and speech codecs
  • Automotive ADAS (advanced drive assist system) and infotainment
  • AUTOSAR with ISO26262 compliance
  • Comprehensive validation planning with mapping requirement specifications, automated validation, debugging, and report generation
  • Compliance testing, benchmarking, coverage analysis and reports
  • C, C++, Jscript, Python, and TCL
  • Experience in automotive (ISO26262), industrial, consumer, IoT, and medical industries

Silicon Validation, Board Design & Manufacturing

Provide your customers with bug-free, functional silicon mounted on boards, leveraging Cyient’s proven capabilities in comprehensive silicon validation, board design and manufacturing to remain competitive in the market.


  • Fully equipped lab for comprehensive validation and measurement of parameters
  • Detailed validation plan mapped to requirement specifications, including power measurement
  • LABView automation of bench validation
  • Characterization of parameters, bench and ATE (automatic test equipment) correlation
  • Experience in automotive (with ISO26262 compliance), industrial, consumer, and IoT equipment
  • Board design, schematic, and layout with GUI (graphical user interface) for testing
  • Silicon bring-up preparation through complete validation and characterization
  • EMI/EMC testing and compliance
  • Board manufacturing and supply partnership for EVMs (evaluation modules) and application boards


Deliver high-quality silicon to your customers with Cyient’s decades of experience in DFT with optimal compression techniques, including 10 – 20x compression factors for fault detection and cost-optimized silicon areas.


  • Modular approach with compression for efficient silicon areas to maintain cost control
  • High test coverage with fault models and built-in self-test (BIST) for memory and logic
  • Expertise in scan insertion, automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) for different fault modes, and pattern validation with timing simulation
  • Close collaboration with the design verification team for pre-silicon DFT verification
  • JTAG validation and low-power DFT implementations, including IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 standards for JTAG and performance testing
  • Post-silicon ATE debugging and support

Physical IC Design

Achieve optimized and efficient physical design for your complex, high-frequency, high-power chip with Cyient's 20+ years of experience across chip ranges.


  • High-frequency designs of more than 1 GHz
  • Experience with physical designs for more than 150 million gate chips
  • Experience with high-power chip physical design (more than 120 watts)
  • Low-power optimization flow with multi-power domains
  • Physical verification, including DRC (design rule checking), LVS (layout versus schematic) with Mentor Graphics, Caliver, and Synopsys tools
  • Floor planning, place and route, timing closure, timing analysis, and IR drop analysis
  • Experience with timing closure challenges of 7 nm and 14 nm advanced technology nodes


Take advantage of Cyient's hands-on experience and proven track record with custom silicon layouts, challenging requirements, and advanced process nodes.


  • 112 GHz SERDES (serializer/deserializer) design development in 16 nm
  • Development of sensor modules in 7 nm
  • Challenging IP development using advanced process nodes 16 nm, 10 nm, and 7 nm
  • Layout expertise in both digital and analog domains (ADC, charge pump, linear-switching regulators, and SERDES)
  • Characterization of standard cell library, and memory and analog modules
  • Development of high-density, high-performance SRAM (static random access memory) modules
  • ESD (electro static discharge) and bond pad/bump layout design
  • RF (radio frequency) custom layout capabilities
  • Custom memory development, including SRAM and ROM (read only memory)
  • Experience in layout of automotive, consumer, industrial, and medical application-based silicons