Design Verification and Validation

Cyient has extensive resources to provide design verification and validation services spanning analog, mixed-signal, ASIC, SoC, digital logic and custom IP. The validation process includes pre-silicon, post-silicon and system validation.

We apply advanced verification methodologies for projects by aligning them to the client’s process including the use of high-level verification languages like SystemVerilog UVM (universal verification methodology), Verilog-AMS and more.

The modern digital logic verification involves constrained random testing, functional coverage, and assertion-based verification. Our emphasis on both digital and mixed-signal designs enables us to provide experienced engineering resources in mixed-mode simulation methodologies. We also have dedicated engineers experienced with Verilog-AMS (analog-mixed-signal) who create mixed-signal verification environments for advanced mixed-signal ICs. And we have delivered the latest verification environments using the Verilog-A/AMS and RNM Real Number Modeling) for our clients.

Our expertise spans simulators, debugging tools, formal verifiers, and hardware accelerators from each of the major electronic design automation (EDA) tool suppliers. We act as a one-stop shop for verification and validation across the product life cycle—from software and hardware testing to hardware and software integration testing.

Design Verification Capabilities Services Highlights
Augmented client design and verification teams across sites Strong team of more than 60 engineers
Dedicated AMS verification team Extensive expertise in front-end verification
Comprehensive suite of verification IP (intellectual property) that enables rapid design verification Broad portfolio of in-house verification IP and DFT tools
Portfolio of design tools: NCSIM simulator; Cadence Enterprise Manager; OVM-based verification environment; Signalscan waveform viewer; CVS; PowerPC cross compiler
Verification alliance partnership with Cadence
IP vendor relationship with Virage Logic (Synopsys) and ARM
Design services network partnership with Altera

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