Custom IC Design

Although there are many IP blocks pre-built and offered by the foundries or 3rd party providers, there will always be the need for custom IC design to handcraft a digital, analog or AMS cell to exactly meet your specific project requirements. Cyient has the experience to specify, design, validate, implement or even migrate custom IC blocks for you.

Examples of custom IC layout projects include:

  • DDR32P1 Controller
  • RF blocks
  • AFE for video processing
  • PMIC
  • Camera chip
  • LED driver
  • SRAM
  • DCO
Design Capabilities Services Highlights
Digital, Analog or AMS designs at the transistor-level Front-end and back-end services
Support of popular EDA tools like Cadence Virtuoso for IC layout and Mentor Calibre for DRC, LVS and DFM DRC, LVS and DFM clean layout
Foundry partnerships with TSMC, GLOBAL FOUNDRIES, IBM Wide domain of experience
Completed over 200 projects in physical design

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