ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design Services

ASIC and System-on-Chip design is very challenging in today’s electronics products marketplace. Companies who have the ability to deliver products with the best features, optimize costs, size and power consumption have a distinct competitive advantage. Cyient provides clients the power and methods that enable rapid design done right the first time.

ASIC, SOC Design

Semiconductor technology is the fuel that powers electronic product innovation. As new and smaller semiconductor technology nodes come on line, companies that can take advantage of them the soonest win. As chips become larger and more complex, businesses struggle with the ability to maintain a large enough design team with the right industry and design experience.

Cyient maintains a large and senior semiconductor design team that provides our clients with the ability to rapidly expand their project team at a moments´ notice to address new design requirements, to meet new market demands or to add resources to maintain an already tight product schedule. By partnering with Cyient, our clients gain a strategic advantage that enables them to aggressively address market needs for their products while keeping within the budget.

ASIC – SoC Capabilities Services Highlights
Experts at maximizing chip performance and minimizing power SoC design expertise with ARM cortex processors for multiple applications
Extensive ecosystem of IP blocks and experience at each semiconductor technology node down to the latest 10nm FinFET and SOI technologies More than 20 years of first-pass silicon success across more than 300+ semiconductor tape-outs
Full turn-key solutions orchestrating manufacturing through an industry ecosystem Partnered with top semiconductor foundries including Global Foundries, TSMC and IBM
Full set of EDA design tool resources

FPGA Design

Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design services include high-density design, register-transfer level development and coding, functional verification, device fitting and timing closure, IP development and integration, turnkey designs and test suite development.

Cyient´s team has an extended track record with FPGA technology from the major vendors, Altera and Xilinx for high-end FPGA projects and others like Microsemi for anti-fuse based FPGAs for automotive and aerospace applications. Our experience with FPGA development includes design projects that conform to the DO-254 requirements for flight-based systems that complies to the design assurance level (DAL).

FPGA Capabilities Services Highlights
Specialized team that can convert designs from FPGA to FPGA, FPGA to ASIC, and ASIC to multi-FPGAs Delivered more than 25 turnkey FPGAs, boards and systems
Extensive experience in delivering converted designs from schematics or other HDL design files to RTL design in VHDL and Verilog Experts with Altera, Xilinx and Microsemi FPGA devices
Dedicated lab facilities and in-house board and software development teams for building validation boards and test software Skilled ARM engineers for embedded ARM FPGA projects
Areas of expertise:

  • DSP – signal processing algorithms;
  • Encription algorithms;
  • ARM11; Cortex A8-based ASIC design on FPGA;
  • Industry-standard protocol interfaces (serial rapid IO, rocket IO, PCI, PCIe UTOPIA-2, HDLC, I2C, UART, SPI, MII, SMII);
  • High-speed interfaces with the processor;
  • GSM base stations

Learn about how Cyient delivers world-class semiconductor services by downloading our whitepaper titled “15 Reason Cyient Outshines Other Semiconductor Design Service Providers“.