Passenger and asset safety is highly critical in the railway industry. With Cycero™ (Cyient Cab Event Response Output), Cyient is taking another step toward embracing technology for increased safety in rail. Cycero is built as a supplementary alarm notification system for the train driver.

CYCERO is your one-stop Cab Event Response Device for increased safety and operational reliability

The train driver plays a major role in ensuring train safety. Cycero is a supplementary alarm system fitted in the train driver‘s cab to support the goal that no alarm raised for the driver goes unnoticed. A quick overview of Cycero:
  • Is a supplementary alarm device for trains (SIL-0) fitted in the driver’s cab
  • Processes input triggers from sub-systems like Train Control Management System (TCMS), TPWS and CBTC
  • Is flexible and can be integrated in the driver cab of both mainline and mass-transit trains, new builds, and existing trains
  • Operates at a voltage range of 24 to 110 V DC
  • Supports 16 input triggers
  • Is both programmable and upgradeable
  • Offers unified output of audio alarms
  • Helps the cab driver to identify the events associated with the alarms

    Cycero is a reflection of our commitment to leverage our domain knowledge for enhanced safety in rail.


    Our advanced and flexible cab event response device leveraging state of the art technology.


    Offers best-in-class value at an optimized cost.

    Product Snapshot

    Automatic noise compensation: Cycero measures ambient noise through a microphone interface and adjusts the primary and secondary speaker output play volume upwards by up to 15 dB without exceeding the 95 dB overall limit.
    Programmable and Upgradeable
    Programmable and upgradeable: Cycero communicates with a computer using serial communication for firmware upgrade, diagnostics, audio tone download, and audio tone trigger priority configuration.
    Health status indication
    Health status indication: Cycero conducts diagnostics routinely and on demand, and maintains a log of faults from the diagnostics tests. Any fault in the device can be communicated to the Train Control Management System (TCMS) through a digital output.
    Cycero Visual Indication
    Visual indication: 5 LEDs on Cycero indicate various states and status.
    Effective utilization of cab space
    Effective utilization of cab space: Cycero has a compact design with dimensions of 286 x 280 x 65 mm. It can be mounted at a convenient place in the cab.
    Optimized maintenance
    Optimized maintenance: Cycero does not require any preventive or periodic maintenance.

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