Commercial Equipment

The time to embrace innovation is now, especially since it provides organizations the much needed edge to penetrate markets faster and create deeper engagements with their clients. Commercial equipment OEMs need to integrate and adopt aspects of advanced vehicle IT systems, automated fleet management, cloud-based data analytics, robotics, location detection, and/or autonomous vehicle technologies to keep up with their customers’ dynamic and evolving needs. Cyient offers innovative product development and maintenance solutions to help OEMs enhance the product life cycle and expand their market share.

End-to-End Commercial Equipment Engineering Solution for Accelerated Development

Cyient is your strategic partner in providing product engineering, component benchmarking, value engineering, mechanical analysis, and electronics solutions to commercial equipment OEMs globally. Our sub system capabilities include interiors, powertrain, engines and peripherals, body, tires, buckets, etc. (see figure below). With our ready-to-deploy solution frameworks aligned with our functional and application engineering experience, we help you optimize operations while reducing overall cost.

Outcomes Delivered

Our clients matter most—as a trusted partner to OEMs worldwide, we have provided engineering support for heavy commercial, light commercial, and passenger vehicles. Value delivered to our clients includes:

    Product Engineering

  • Designed a long-reach, high-speed, hydraulic-driven arm for loading a refuse truck
  • Developed a cartridge circuit valve for load sensing using linear position transducers
  • Component Benchmarking

  • Benchmarked fuel pump by comparing and providing analysis on the fuel systems
  • Conducted product analysis for external and internal features, material properties, and material testing by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDAX)
  • Value Engineering

  • Designed a commercial equipment air suspension system to replace the existing combined (leaf spring with air below) suspension system enabling cost savings of $300/suspension from the existing design
  • Mechanical Analysis

  • Conducted a motion analysis and determined the dynamic forces/moments in the gear train of the automatic transmission system
  • Conducted multi-body simulation to accurately predict gear train motion, forces and moments
  • Electronics

  • Reengineered a sweeping machine’s H/W and F/W electronics console
  • Conducted mechanical type testing and V&V as per EN60068-2-6, test Fc, EN60068-2-27, test Ea. and EN60068-2-29, test Eb

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