Agricultural & Forestry- Equipment

The global agricultural and forestry industry is fueling demand in the machinery market with an estimated CAGR of 7.3% (agricultural) and 4.6% (forestry) respectively by 2022. Technology innovations such as big data, automation of farming operations, sensors, predictive analytics and real-time access to equipment and crop information combined with increasing demand for food consumption from growing populations is driving the next evolution of competition in the market.

Cyient Solution: End-to-End Agricultural and Forestry Equipment Solution for Accelerated Development

Cyient offers agricultural and forestry equipment design services and solutions for localization, value engineering, should cost, re-engineering, engine integration, field failure analysis, data analytics, and aftermarket. We can help you launch products such as planting equipment, tractors, balers, pickers, harvesters, cultivators, thrashers, post-harvesting equipment, and loggers faster, more effectively and tailored to each markets’ unique operating and cost requirements.

With 210+ engineers and more than two million hours of agricultural and forestry services delivered, our dedicated team of product and functional experts has strong knowledge of global standards (EPA, ISOBUS, ISO/TC 23, OECD) and a deep understanding of industry processes from cultivation to grain separation. We are experts in subsystems including electronics and control systems for agricultural and forestry equipment automation, engines, transmissions, operator cabs, and more.

Outcomes Delivered

We help our clients—including three of the world’s top 10 agricultural OEMs—design equipment with enhanced efficiency, diagnostic features, and application-specific customization while reducing their overall product development costs. Our agricultural and forestry equipment design services have helped:

  • Accelerate product localization initiatives for a combine harvester OEM through engineering standardization, parts rationalization, and metrification projects
  • Execute fastener rationalization on a family of harvesters, and saved up to 30% in costs
  • Conduct should cost analysis of 275,000 parts spread across casting/machining components, sheet metal parts, injection molds, and weld assemblies
  • Redesign undercarriage to incorporate mounting of additional attachments without effecting axle sub-assemblies
  • Conduct static structural analysis considering various load cases for a baler’s agricultural trailer
  • Enhance reliability of aftermarket services for a leading agricultural OEM through complete ownership of technical publication solutions for more than 160 agricultural equipment products
  • Created a predictive model assessing the relative performance of an asset health resulting in 8% reduction in equipment maintenance costs, 10% reduced asset downtime and overall asset productivity improved by 13%

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