Heavy Equipment & Industrial

The growing demand for lightweight, autonomous, and intelligently connected equipment is putting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) under relentless pressure to accelerate product design and development, enhance equipment life cycle, and improve product performance. Above all, manufacturers are expected to keep their production costs competitive in a global market. However, companies face multiple challenges in trying to achieve all these objectives, especially in light of the increasing complexity of heavy equipment and industrial machines.

Cyient offers end-to-end solutions across design, manufacture, and maintenance of agricultural and forestry equipment, as well as mining and material handling for both commercialized and specialized purposes. Leveraging our extensive knowledge in heavy equipment design and industrial product design engineering services, we help OEMs develop cutting-edge industrial equipment encompassing industrial tools, controllers, process equipment, and power distribution equipment. Designed for both equipment manufacturers and operators, our ready-to-deploy solution frameworks span the entire product life cycle—development, optimization, localization, value analysis and value engineering, design-to-build, and aftermarket services.

This end-to-end capability enables organizations to accelerate time-to-market and reduce overall costs. Our extensive knowledge of the product’s field application, compliance norms, global design, safety standards, and supply chains in emerging markets enables us to design innovative engineering processes. It also helps us deliver customized and localized products, resulting in higher efficiency across the new product development life cycle.

In keeping with rapid advancements in digital technologies, we leverage data analytics and machine learning to help OEMs capitalize on digitized equipment. This is facilitated by our specialized decision support system platforms for continuous real-time asset performance. Building analytics-driven operations bolsters equipment efficiency, maximizes safety, and enhances ROI.

As a collaborative engineering partner, our goal is to provide robust support to our clients at every step of the heavy equipment or industrial product life cycle. With the help of our proven solution framework, we have engineered more than 25 product design and development programs for leading OEMs. We have developed and deployed products that rank in the top 100 construction and material handling equipment in the world. Our team has also driven more than 15 engine integration programs for improving compliance with Tier IV norms.

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