Heavy Equipment & Industrial

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are under relentless pressure to accelerate product design and development, extend equipment life cycles, improve product performance, and develop localized products for different market needs all while keeping their production costs competitive. Cyient’s end-to-end heavy equipment and industrial product design engineering services helps your organization remain competitive, deliver new product innovation, and maintain asset health using IoT and predictive analytics.

Cyient supports OEMs in developing cutting-edge industrial equipment, including industrial tools, controllers, process and power distribution equipment leveraging our extensive knowledge in heavy equipment design and industrial product design engineering services. Designed for both equipment manufacturers and operators, our ready-to-deploy solution frameworks, for heavy equipment, material handling equipment, industrial products and industrial machinery, span the entire product life cycle-development, optimization, localization, value analysis and value engineering, design-to-build, and aftermarket services.

We can support all aspects of design and manufacturing, offering system engineering for the design, build, and maintenance aspects of the product life cycle. Our capabilities include:

  • Product development engineering
  • Preventive and predictive analytics
  • IoT solutions
  • Embedded software & electronics
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Geospatial, GIS and data management solutions
  • Asset health monitoring

Cost Optimization

From benchmarking to aftermarket services, we enable you to reduce overall project costs, pursue new business and increase profit margins.

Flexible Operations

We offer a flexible operations model to help you innovate and build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Digital Technology

We invest and provide solutions on connected equipment, connected factory, AI/ML, AR/VR and drone technologies to improve equipment efficiencies, maximize safety and enhance ROI

  • Industrial Equipment and Product Life-Cycle Management

  • Predictive Maintenance & Analytics

  • Design-Led Manufacturing

  • Connected Equipment

Industrial Equipment and Product Life-Cycle Management

Our capabilities span from developing product concepts to aftermarket support and everything in between.

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Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance solution enables us to monitor and improve asset performance, resulting in greater operational efficiency.

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Design-Led Manufacturing

We design products to your specifications and provide product realization through prototypes and full manufacturing production

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Connected Equipment

Take the first step in reaching your operational efficiency goals, enhancing customer experience, and developing new revenue streams with a connected equipment roadmap.

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how we partner


We manage all aspects of design, which enables us to customize heavy equipment and industrial products with enhanced efficiencies.


We deliver electronic and mechanical manufacturing services providing product realization through prototypes and full manufacturing production.


Offering comprehensive data life cycle management support, Cyient ensures product reliability and safety, as well as streamline product operations.

Unique Solution Frameworks for Diverse Markets

From construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, material handling, commercial and specialized equipment to automation products and production machinery, Cyient offers end-to-end solutions across design, manufacturing and maintenance for both commercialized and specialized applications.