An increasing number of global users are leveraging maps and geospatial information for improved decision-making and navigational purposes—for both business and personal use. However, efficient and reliable navigation depends on valid, accurate, and updated map data which is not always readily available. At Cyient, we help clients transform, update, manage, and interpret earth imagery and geospatial data through our mapping and navigation services.

Our remote sensing services with multi-sensor technology allow us to process imagery data with quick turnaround time and a high degree of accuracy. At the same time, our spatial expertise helps us perform image classification, interpretation, and image and incident analysis, resulting in high-quality data updates and insights. We also help create map data for various transportation sectors that can be used to generate industry-specific navigation maps for indoor, parking, and for autonomous driving.

Our team comprises over 2,000 skilled geospatial resources with an average 15+ years of mapping experience having deep knowledge of all attributes of road navigation. Our experience ranges from capturing and updating topographic and man-made infrastructure data sets to preparing a GIS base map with 2D and 3D features. We are a trusted global provider of photogrammetry services for aerial triangulation, terrain modeling, large-scale mapping, orthophoto generations, and creation of advanced 3D city modeling and landmarks. Our light detection and ranging (LiDAR) services provide in-depth analysis, intelligence, and visualization to drive better business decisions. We constantly evolve and bring innovation into our solution set, building on the following examples of value we have added across client engagements over the years: