“The demand from our customers, they asked for more connection higher bandwidth for example we needed a partner which would be able to support us with the same quality but also the flexibility. Swisscom can use now a consistent database that was actually the results in the data migration project and this is the basis to construct a very good network as we have today.”Markus Reber, Swisscom Head of Rollout-Wireline and Wireless, Swisscom

A successful telecom network infrastructure rollout stems from optimal network planning and designing. The appetite for an increased network capacity can only be satiated with a comprehensive end-to-end network solution.

We offer engineering services that help meet the complex needs of the telecom service providers to optimize network capacity and growth, as well as ensure network resiliency. We offer a myriad of services including updating the database of records (DBoRs), installing and commissioning, network integration, RF optimization, benchmarking, and field engineering.

Fixed Line

The telecom industry is plagued by innumerable challenges with the passing time and striving hard to maintain uninterrupted services and data security while leveraging existing investments in network restructuring and expansion. In order to cater to the ever-soaring complexities in network monitoring and supervision, telcos need resilient and long-term network planning with capability to resolve non-conformity across designs.

Cyient’s omnipresence at multiple telecom network architectures, that include FTTX (FTTh, FTTc, FTTp and FTTb), ISDN, PDH, SDH, DWDM, xDSL, xPON, Metro Ethernet, IPTV and MPLS, is an exemplary range of network planning and designing services offered across the globe.

By leveraging our end-to-end FTTx lifecycle methodology pooled with our geospatial and telecoms expertise and our ‘on-shore/off-shore’ global delivery model, we enable our clients to build next generation network rapidly with minimal cost incurrence. Our services provide cost optimization in planning FTTx and help CSPs scale their networks to market demands and facilitate quick service provisioning.

Cyient services include:

  • FTTx Planning and Design
  • HFC Planning and Design
  • Copper Planning and Design
  • Coaxial Planning and Design
  • MDU / MBU Engineering
  • BAU Engineering

Mobile (wireless)

The pivotal change in the telecom industry, after the advent of smartphones, has ushered in new challenges for Communication service providers (CSPs). To stay in the business, they have to extend their service coverage, increase the bandwidth and add new technologies like 4G, LTE etc. This in turn results in refashioning of existing cell sites, defining new frequency band allocations, deployment of small cell sites and Wi-Fi hotspots in the network.

Cyient services include:

  • Cell Site Design and Drafting
  • RF Planning, Design and Optimization
  • Post Processing
  • In-Building Solutions
  • RF Compliance Management

Cyient portfolio of services under wireless domain covers end-to-end solutions for our customers which include cell site design and drafting, post-processing services, in-building solutions and RF planning, design, optimization, and compliance management. Our services optimize and benchmark network resources utilizing the best industry standard tools. They encompass planning and designing of multi-technology cell sites, such as radio frequency and intra-body communication (IBC) for both Greenfield and brownfield areas, catering to multiple vendors. We maintain and provide enhanced network performance and automation of processes, thereby allowing you to focus on core business activities, reduce overheads, and increase customer satisfaction.

Field Engineering

Field surveys are essential to identify and evaluate network feasibility, ensure rollout, as well as to validate network connectivity and resources for emerging business needs. They help verify if all the planned and designed network resources are aligned with on-field infrastructure with optimal accuracy. Field surveys also provide business feasibility reports on new and existing service rollouts for efficient field engineering activities.

Cyient field engineering services are based on three cornerstones that are essential for every network operator: concurrency, completeness, and consistency (of network). We offer a host of onsite assistance that include site survey, onsite technical assistance, splicing, termination, testing and validation services, troubleshooting and emergency restoration of copper, fiber and HFC core, transmission, and access networks.

Our Services:


Inconsistent data, lack of up-to-date information, ability to meet customer SLAs, and compliance with local regulatory standards can all result in significant challenges for CSPs in carrying out efficient field engineering activities.

Cyient offers field surveys for network feasibility, rollout and validation of network connectivity. Leveraging our knowledge of industry-standard field surveys, splicing tools, latest techniques and regulatory compliance of various geographies, we provide end-to-end attenuation, thereby enabling business continuity. We take complete ownership of field activities and provide visibility into networks with up-to-date information, helping clients reduce operational time and provisioning costs, streamline processes and improve end-user satisfaction.

Cyient services include:

  • Site Surveys and Audits
  • Splicing and Testing
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Installations


The need to provide last-mile connectivity, increased reach, as well as coverage of networks, coupled with the capacity requirements to process huge numbers of log files at peak network rollouts, is posing significant challenges to industry players.

Cyient provides multivendor, multitechnology field implementations for enabling network rollouts. Our services include installation and commissioning, remote commissioning and configuration, in-building solution deployment, acceptance testing, RF benchmarking, field survey (EMF, infra, RF, hotspot). Our experienced field engineering team provides world-class installations and commissioning solutions to address key challenges, meet regulatory compliance and improve business efficiency. We enable substantial cost savings with our state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC) capabilities to remote commission network parameters. Cyient’s solutions provide better network management and add value to your business by reducing customer churn and increasing revenues.

Cyient services include:

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Remote Commissioning and Configuration
  • In-Building Solution Deployment
  • Acceptance Testing
  • RF Benchmarking
  • Drive Test & Optimization
  • Field Survey (EMF / Infra / RF / Hotspot)