Operational Support System (OSS)

In an increasingly competitive market, communication service providers (CSPs) continually strive to identify new revenue streams, minimize operational expenditure and provide better customer experience. To monetize new opportunities, CSPs need to enhance their service provisioning, service assurance and delivery capabilities. The changing business environment is challenging global CSPs to efficiently manage their complex systems and end-customer needs while trying to offer innovative services at competitive rates.

To stay ahead of the competition and run their business operations more effectively, it is critical for service providers to have complete asset inventory (both physical and logical assets) with consistent, up-to-date and accurate data, along with other closely integrated operational subsystems. Cyient helps industry players achieve this through various operations and services management solutions that include: 

  • Order management solutions
  • Inventory solutions
  • Discovery and reconciliation solutions
  • Provisioning and activation solutions
  • Fault management solutions
  • Performance management solutions
  • Service quality management solutions
  • Applications integration
  • Mobile workforce management
  • NOC services

Our solutions address common challenges, help you scale operations, and provide competitive advantage through alignment of business functions with the operations requirements to improve processes and system efficiency. Our expertise enables CSPs to streamline operations around telemanagement forums’ (TMF) best practices to reduce costs and drive efficiency. With the help of industry best practices, Cyient addresses key business challenges by defining and promoting business process framework (eTOM) that guides design and implementation of systems.