Data Analytics

Optimize Aerospace and Defense operations with the help of data analytics

Data Analytics helps the Aerospace and Defense industry optimize resources and business processes while promoting new business opportunities.

Previously, information technology enabled the digitization of business procedures and automated some of the manual tasks to improve operational efficiencies. During this process, IT systems generated data about the business operations, products, and services. By developing insightful analytical techniques, organizations have started using this data to optimize their business processes by eliminating redundancies and optimizing resources. However, this journey took a major turn when the Internet of Things (IoT) concept was introduced. IoT has enabled physical products to generate data about their performance and behavior. This abundance of data opened multiple opportunities for organizations to enhance their operations further and identify new business opportunities.

Cyient has over 25 years of experience in designing aircraft systems and managing data from various sub-systems and complex inter-functional systems. With our strong cross-functional domain experience coupled with competencies in data science, we are a trusted partner for advanced analytics solutions, such as:

  • Real-time system health monitoring
  • Predictive analytics solutions (for identifying system/component failures in advance and suggesting necessary maintenance actions)
  • Simulation models for system behaviour
  • Root cause analysis for complex and inter-dependent system failures
  • Intelligent scheduling and forecasting models

Our capabilities in advanced analytics include:

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Asset Management Asset Health Monitoring Dashboard

  • Near real-time Asset Health Profiles (Health Scores)
  • Health Deterioration Models
  • Root Cause Mapping Models
  • Increased visibility into asset performance and life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Providing Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) services to a major aerospace OEM, processing data of over 400 engines per year.
Predictive Maintenance Alerts

  • Customized Predictive Models for each asset class
  • Actionable Maintenance Alerts
  • Prediction and prevention of asset failures
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Better maintenance planning and risk mitigation
  • Delivered predictive models for high impact components for an OEM. The model has consistently predicted the failure of components that helped reduce the downtime of aircraft in the field.
  • Implemented similar solutions for a variety of industrial assets in Heavy Engineering and Ground transportation industries.
Data Driven Reliability Control

  • Reliability Models for complex interoperable systems
  • Survival Models for components
  • Life time estimation and design evaluation
  • Reduced losses and replacements
  • Delivered data-driven reliability solutions to a major aerospace OEM.
  • Implemented component survival models to a leading Heavy Engineering OEM
Inventory Management Last Mile Optimization of Spare parts Spare Parts

  • Forecasting based on Real-time Asset Performance
  • Optimal stocking and better supply chain management
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Delivered an integrated spare parts forecasting model for a dealer network of a major OEM. The solution improved traditional forecasting models with the real-time demand for the spare parts collected from asset performance in the field.

  • Warranty Profitability Models
  • Increased revenue from warranty plans
  • Identification of misused warranty plans
  • Proven capabilities and established solution accelerators to bring quick value to our customers.

We combine data science effectively with the engineering domain expertise, which is an essential element to produce analytics solutions that are first-time-right. With 25+ years of experience in design of aircraft systems and product data management, we are uniquely positioned to provide advanced analytics solutions for operational effectiveness.

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