Aero Systems

The world’s leading aerospace system suppliers rely on Cyient’s subsystem-level engineering solutions for developing their next-generation systems. Our systems knowledge—combined with our expertise in design, structure, thermal, and CFD analysis—allows us to provide innovative design solutions optimized for weight and cost.

In addition to providing complex aerospace system design solutions, Cyient’s value engineering approach reduces part count and increases commonality across aircraft programs while improving manufacturability and maintainability. Our multidisciplinary test engineering team can support the complete test engineering life cycle by reducing system qualification and certification costs. We develop qualification plans, manage test execution, analyze data, and compare test results with design data and certification requirements to deliver qualification documentation in accordance with DO-160 standards. BPCU software is developed, verified, and certified as per DO-178B standards; and the required software tools are compliant with DO-330 standards.

Cyient enhances aerospace system reliability by implementing technology upgrades and eliminating the root cause of field failures. We manage aftermarket value streams such as repair engineering, technical publication, and reliability engineering to generate higher services revenue for our clients.

Our aero systems solutions include:

Air Management Systems Engine Controls and APUs Electrical Systems
Cyient has delivered end-to-end systems engineering solutions in air management systems.

Our expertise is across CACTCS packs, cargo refrigeration units (CRU), nitrogen generation system (NGS), and secondary/galley cooling units (SCU/GCU).

Design solutions experience comprise fuel metering unit (FMU), hydromechanical valves, oil and fuel filters, pumps, gear boxes, air turbine starters, and APUs.

We have filed three patents with clients that have improved retention of APU turbine blades, and lubrication design for duplex bearings.

Delivered BPCU and OPU line replaceable units (LRU), complete mechanical design, packaging, validation by structural and thermal analysis, prototype builds, and blue/red label testing in India.

Provided solutions to RAT field challenges, design, packaging, structural analysis, and electronics cooling to VFG, ICC, RPDU, and SPDUs.

Actuation Systems Nacelle and Thrust Reverser Fuel and Hydraulics
Delivered comprehensive design-to-testing solutions in actuation systems.

Our experience includes actuators for primary and secondary flight control, helicopter main and tail rotor servo actuation systems, deck lock, and utility actuators.

Cyient has worked extensively on fan cowls, translating sleeves, thrust reverser actuation systems, and other nacelle and thrust reverser parts.

We have optimized the composite outer cowl, and duct design to reduce 15 lbs. weight.

Routing design, pipe sizing or installation design—we deliver optimized designs.

We integrate design and stress automation with fuel and hydraulic systems expertise to deliver 30% reduction in turnaround time.

Our aero systems services: