Aero Engines

Over the last decade aero engine manufacturing processes have become significantly more complex to meet advanced engineering design requirements. Engine configurations are now highly complex modular systems which are constantly being pushed to higher performance standards and lower maintenance costs. This evolution is driven by the need for reduced engine emissions, lower noise and higher fuel efficiency. Recently, technology has advanced these criteria at twice the rate achieved during the past three decades. In-service maintenance is now even more critical to maintain these performance benefits.

Cyient provides original engine/equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with global resources to develop innovative technology solutions for aircraft gas turbine engines that meet industry and customer requirements. Throughout the last two decades, our team has helped make to the largest geared turbofan engine a reality, through innovative engineering and leveraging 15 million man hours of experience.

With over 18 co-patents filed in aero engine design technology, we are recognized as one of the most innovative solution providers with the ability to create intellectual property (IP) for OEMs. Our expertise lies in the design and ownership of complex components, sub-systems, and modules. We collaborate with our customers by forming value stream based product teams that ensure the design intent is properly manufactured in the supply base, and detailed maintenance instructions are provided to the end user. We are also embracing risk-sharing partnerships with our customers. In this novel approach, Cyient carries out system, design and supply base level work scope in actuations, bearings, rotors, cases, lube systems, and dynamic loads. Through our dedicated resources we also offer significant productivity savings to our customers through design optimizations, value engineering events and should cost modeling for optimized production benefits. We ensure seamless design-to-prototype transition using our 3D printing lab and share the created IP with the customer.

Constant optimization for performance, durability and manufacturability are a part of our normal business model—be it during the design, test, production, or in-service phases of an aero engine program. Our significant experience combined with a wealth of subject matter expertise help us continually explore opportunities for leaner and more cost effective component and module designs, high efficiency aerodynamic blade profiles, more efficient thermal dissipation, and greater fatigue life. This is achieved by constantly studying deterioration and minimizing gap between modelled and test performance data.

Our technical skills, global teams, co-creation of intellectual property, guaranteed delivery of cost and productivity savings, and appetite for risk sharing business models, make us a partner of choice.

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