Disaster Operations Management

The impact of natural disasters on utility infrastructure is potentially devastating and can cause severe disruption to the continuity of energy supply to consumers. During 2016 alone, natural disasters around the world cost utility companies approximately $210 billion in repairs and fines across 315 separate events.

Many utilities find themselves poorly prepared for disasters due to multiple constraints within their core IT systems. However, today, techniques and tools are available that can enhance utilities’ disaster management capabilities. Losses resulting from calamities or natural disasters have risen to unprecedented levels in the last four years world over.

Do utility companies have a robust disaster operations management plan in place? If not, there might be a steep price to pay.

Cyient offers a compressive, specialized solution to manage disaster-related risks. We have leveraged our strong domain expertise and knowledge to provide both geospatial and location-based services via technology-agnostic solutions to create The Disaster Operations Management solution (DOME). DOME enables early risk assessment and impact visualization and helps utilities develop an effective disaster response plan.

When disaster strikes, DOME facilitates live evaluation with public feedback and allows utilities to make smarter decisions around committing resources and costs. The cloud-based solution offers easy integration and leverages machine learning and big data analytics to improve forecasting and response planning.

Let DOME help you minimize supply disruptions during unexpected incidents, keep customers proactively informed, minimize damage to assets, comply with regulatory frameworks, and save on penalty pay-outs.