Enabling Innovation

At Cyient, we engage deeply with our associates to ensure they are driven by a desire to go beyond business-as-usual client relationships. Our in-house innovation labs and challenging client projects enable us to create a platform for driving creativity and showcasing new ideas to solve business problems.

Our facilities encourage new and improved product development. Successful projects from these initiatives transform our client's businesses. Our belief in human ingenuity and our quest for excellence have resulted in over 50 patents and millions of hours in productivity savings.

We have set up internal R&D facilities across a range of diverse and emerging domains. The new setup features a systems engineering lab, rapid prototyping, industrial drones, grid tie technologies, additive manufacturing, and augmented reality. These facilities allow associates to walk into the lab with an idea, convert it into a model, design and engineer prototypes, and verify the concept.

Developed an IoT solution for failure detection of lab equipment

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Enhanced reliability of ultrasound transducers

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