Designing A Connected Tomorrow

Connecting 40% global telecom and end-customers

Telecommunications have become the backbone of business continuity in today’s challenging times. With the new normal of lockdowns and remote working, telehealth and remote education, 5G network rollout and deployment has been put into high gear.



Are You 5G Ready?

Cyient’s long-term experience in network planning and operations enables us to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) plan, design, deploy, and manage the 5G rollout with a focus on improving user experience and maximizing ROI. The depth of our turnkey services drives efficiencies and builds high availability and flexibility to ensure future-ready networks for CSPs. We enable CSPs to provide:

Improved network

Mission critical communications

data capture

Deep coverage and density

reduce time2-1

Capacity for peak data rates at home and on the move


Get insights on the advanced technologies Cyient leverages for added intelligence at each stage of the 5G lifecycle to ensure high-performance networks.

Big Impact. Bigger Benefits. Biggest Value


Reduce on-air time up to 20% by efficiently managing network rollout


Leverage intelligent tools such as LiDAR 3D modeling and 5G coverage planning to fast track deployment


Reduce E2E site on air cycle time from 10 weeks to 8 weeks


Expanded the network rollout to 5 major markets

The Cyient Advantage


25+ years of experience in collaborating with global telecom leaders


Proven experience in design, deployment, migration, and management of networks


Digital solutions for enhanced network modernization

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