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Let Ideas Take Flight. Be A Part of Hackadrone 2018-India’s First Hackathon for Drones

It's not every day that you get an opportunity to do something that can potentially disrupt and redefine the industry. Working with drones offers one such possibility. The world over, regulators are addressing questions and issues around the use of drones in business and industry. With significant growth in the use of drones across India, the country is following suit. In a significant step, the Indian Government on November 2, 2017, released draft guidelines that outline the first legal framework for the usage of drones and UAVs in the country. These guidelines are likely to provide a huge fillip to…

By Dinakar Devireddy | December 19th, 2017


Becoming Better by Design: Building an Ecosystem for Innovation

Innovation is an outcome of ingenuity and passion. Just as the iPod and iTunes disrupted the music industry back in 2001, true entrepreneurs are on the lookout for next idea that can break barriers and reconfigure industries. However, the idea of innovation does not always need to create the next Google or Apple—it can also be that subtle achievement that makes a big impact and helps users pay bills faster, or ensure seamless asset maintenance for streamlined operations, or even optimize the amount of fertilizers used in an agricultural plot. An example was set in the UK by Hampshire County’s…

By Konark Bhasin | November 18th, 2017