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Gearing Up for the Challenge: Deploying Superior and Cost-Effective Technology for Faster Broadband Service across EU

Telecom service providers in Europe are under increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to employ advanced technologies for providing ultrafast Internet speed to their customers. Full-fiber broadband is considered to be a much faster and approximately five times more reliable alternative to the currently used wired broadband solutions. Records, however, show that in the UK, only 3% of homes and offices use fiber-based broadband networks as against 97% in Japan¹. The challenge of slow networks is more acute in rural and underdeveloped areas. Despite paying the same tariffs as their urban counterparts, customers in these regions do not necessarily enjoy broadband…

By Roger Simpson | May 31st, 2018


Smart Cities Are Here! Where Are the Networks?

The meteoric growth of digitalization has readied us for smart cities, and telecom service providers have played a significant role in supporting these concepts. But are traditional service providers really ready and equipped to take up smart projects? Significance of Smart Cities If we look at the stats, the urban population is heading towards 70% globally by 2050. Smart cities can play a significant role in improving the quality of urban life by providing better access to basic amenities including water, power, transport, health, and communications. What makes a city smarter? It is network connectivity—faster, easier, and available 24/7. The…

By Yusuf Bhanpurawala | December 1st, 2017


Unlock the Real Value of Data to Generate Actionable Insights

The meteoric growth of big data and advanced analytics is forcing organizations across industries to relook at their business strategy and processes. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) widely acknowledge that proliferation of data has a significant impact on the way business is done. Based on our interactions with CSPs, we can safely say that a majority of them intent to leverage big data and draw meaningful, actionable insights, to understand customer needs better. The key question is: when can we expect this 'intent' to become a reality? A massive amount of data is being generated every second and is expected to…

By Amitabh Sharma | July 19th, 2017


Are You Taking the Right Approach to Transition to SD-WAN?

Consider this scenario-you are a new-age Communications Service Provider (CSP) trying to stay relevant in today's fast-paced market. You recognize that to deliver innovative digital services to new-age subscribers who are used to instant gratification, you will need to ensure that your IT team is agile and responsive to evolving demands. You also realize that your legacy approach to networking is not designed to meet the insatiable demand for bandwidth intensive applications, and support high-demand cloud-based application and services. So you plan to transition from wide area network (WAN) to software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) to manage and orchestrate network…

By Yusuf Bhanpurawala | May 26th, 2017


Creating synergy between industries and universities

For most university graduates there is one thing on their mind, and that is how and where they can get their first chance of real world work experience in the field of their recently attained expertise. A corresponding challenge for numerous industries and organisations in Australia is obtaining the best and most recent skilled graduates to work for their organisations. This challenge and opportunity provided an opportunity and synergy between Cyient Australia and Western Sydney University. Cyient is a global company and an acknowledged leader of engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, networks and operations solutions, whose New South Wales office is…

By Anthony Laria | March 31st, 2017


Bluetooth -A Smart Communication Protocol for the Internet of Things

Picture this. You are sitting in your garden, but you are able to draw out the blinds in your house or open the door for a visitor with the help of your smartphone. Or in an industrial scenario, you are able to connect thousands of IoT devices without large deployment hubs. These are just some examples of what IoT can do for individuals and businesses. However, to realize IoT’s potential, standardized communication protocols are needed. Recent developments in Bluetooth are set to position the technology as ‘the communication protocol of choice’ for IoT. According to Bluetooth Specialist Interest Group, by…

By Narendra Sivalenka | March 24th, 2017


Adopt a Unified Approach to Enhance Your Cable Network Performance- Optimize Network Infrastructure and Reduce Costs

The cable industry is growing at a rapid clip across various segments, including broadband internet service providers, telephone network operators, communication equipment manufacturers, etc. In 2015, triple and quadruple-play offers of broadband Internet, telephony, and TV helped drive a solid growth rate of 6.2% in the USA and 7.1% across the European cable industry. Over the past few years, cable television a broadband has emerged as the pivotal source of revenue, accounting for 50% of the €22.9 billion profit while the internet accounted for 31% of the industry’s income in the European market. Competitive boundaries are shifting as demand for…

By Kiran Solipuram | February 23rd, 2017


The State of the American Communications Industry

With more than 250 million mobile users and growing, the American telecommunications market is on the way up. The industry has experienced major investment activity in fiber deployments, HFC technology upgrades, and mobile broadband networks to respond to the increasing expectations of subscribers. The telecom sector has found itself at the epicenter of growth, innovation, and disruption in most areas of industry and consumer activity. Mobile devices and connectivity are increasingly enmeshed in the fabric of today’s world and are driving the momentum behind video streaming, mPayment, and the internet of things (IoT). The connected states A recent Deloitte survey…

By Chuck Roming | February 17th, 2017


Why a Plan-Build-Operate Model Is Crucial to Reaching Your Infrastructure Goals

For decades, IT infrastructures have been organised into multi-layered towers, controlled by siloed teams working alongside partners to deploy service offerings and operations. However, as enterprises enter new waters and partners demand better experiences for their customers, larger service providers with sophisticated infrastructures are transforming their processes and structures to improve performance, cut down costs and prepare themselves for next-generation networks. The aim of the plan-build-operate model is to separate the 'plan' functions such as business relationship management and business analysis from the 'build' activity, which includes architecture, engineering and development of applications, while 'operate' functions (service desk, support and…

By Piyush Tandon | February 16th, 2017


Swisscom: Preparing for the New Europe

The European telecoms market is suffering from depleting revenue streams, skyrocketing demands for faster internet services, political setbacks and regional fragmentation barriers. In the midst of these challenges, leading European telco Swisscom is spearheading the charge toward overcoming these obstacles and fast-tracking Europe into the digital revolution. Here we look at Swisscom's strategic actions to move past the highly competitive, strictly governed environment to provide customers with the experiences they deserve. Headquartered at Ittigen near Bern, Swisscom provides state-of-the-art telecommunications, digital and IT services to its native Switzerland, as well as high-speed broadband services to Italy through a subsidiary provider…

By Nathan Sawicki | February 16th, 2017