Diversity & Inclusion

Building an organizational culture that embraces Diversity

An inclusive work culture unites diverse perspectives and inspires greater creativity, positivity and productivity. At Cyient, ‘Values FIRST’—an acronym for Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Sincerity, and Transparency—is the guiding philosophy for all of our relationships with clients, stakeholders, and associates. As such, we are committed to building an organizational culture that enables, encourages, and celebrates diversity.

D&I Resource Groups

With representation throughout the regions we serve, our D&I Resource Groups are driving focus on key areas of diversity, including gender, disability, veterans affairs, cultural awareness, and health and wellness. Our D&I groups are working hard to increase diversity awareness at Cyient, plan educational events, and drive important policy and program changes.

Mentorship Program for Female Leaders Mentorship is an effective way to develop individuals and provide them with the tools necessary to perform at their highest capability. At Cyient, we are investing in the development and advancement of female leaders through a formal mentorship program.

UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Based on guidance provided by the UK government, Cyient is reporting on its gender pay gap – the difference between the average amount that women and men are paid across our entire UK workforce.

There are many reasons for the gender pay gap, including a low representation of women at senior levels or in certain roles. We believe increasing transparency is a vital step toward closing the gender pay gap, and we welcome this legislation as a catalyst for change.

View our 2018 pay gap report
View our 2017 pay gap report