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Demand for geospatial information and GIS tools that manipulate and display geospatial information has skyrocketed in recent years to solve problems by providing the location context. As a leading provider of geospatial services, Cyient helps customers transform, manage and interpret earth-related imagery and geospatial data. By collating and processing data from various sensors – deployed on the ground and up to several hundred kilometers above the earth – we deliver superior user experience and high data accuracy. By combining leading technology platforms and GIS services, we improve the quality, insights and application of geospatial information for enhanced stakeholder satisfaction.

Our offerings include:


With our state-of-the-art facilities, we are a trusted provider of photogrammetry services for aerial triangulation, terrain modelling, large-scale mapping, orthophoto generations and 3D city modeling. Supported by our capability to work on multiple sensor technologies, we deliver highly accurate services for our global clientele and meet their diverse business requirements efficiently.

Enterprise GIS

Cyient is recognized as the global partner of choice for designing, building, and implementing robust geospatial systems that are targeted at realizing the full potential of GIS to effectively complement your business needs. Our enterprise GIS services specialize in system development for visualization and editing of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. Our portfolio includes data migration, GIS implementation, customized GIS applications and mobile GIS.


Our LiDAR services provide decision makers with a high level of analysis, intelligence, and visualization to drive better business decisions. We process LiDAR point cloud data to classify natural features and man-made assets to create high-resolution DEMs for operational insights. Our LiDAR services enable state, local and municipal governments, as well as utilities and telecom organizations to access precise asset databases, 3D building models and 3D city maps.

Remote Sensing

With a multisensor technology capability, we process imagery data with quick turnaround time, and with a very high degree of accuracy. Cyient’s image classification, interpretation, image analysis, and incident analysis and reporting services provide a wide range of remote sensing support for high-quality data updates and insights.

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