Service Management / Assurance

Large companies have complex, multi-vendor IT environments that are a challenge to manage holistically. Managing these environments is further complicated as they evolve into a fragmented patchwork of isolated sub-systems and tools that are added in response to new services, growth and acquisitions, and organizational changes. As a result, visibility, control, performance, and cost efficiency decline. Organizations need to optimize their IT-based applications, services and infrastructure to counter this challenge. At Cyient we plan, build and operate IT Service Operations Management (ITSOM) Solutions. We enable our clients to monitor, measure, and improve the customer experience through their infrastructure. Our ITSOM services:
  • Provide you visibility and control of your IT infrastructure and the customer experience
  • Keep you ahead of the curve with an infrastructure capable of quickly adding new services
  • Reduce your cost of managing the infrastructure
  • Increase the ROI from your IT investments
  • Increase business and operational efficiency
The figure below illustrates our ITSOM framework.

Figure 1. Service Operations Management Framework

Our Plan, Build, Operate Model

We deliver the benefits of ITSOM with a plan, build, operate business model. We consult with you in all phases to ensure that the results align your processes with the desired business outcomes.

Figure 2. ITSOM Business Model

Quick Facts

Award Winning Performance

  • Service Management Innovation,2015
  • Data Center Management Innovation, 2014
  • Service Management Excellence,2012
  • ISM Summit Cup Winner,2011
  • Business Partner Innovation,2010