Signaling Design

We at Cyient offer signaling design services across all stages of the signaling life cycle, from concept to commissioning, to defect liability period support. With access to the largest pool of IRSE and other licensees under a single roof, our design process adheres to all major signaling standards across the globe. We enhance our clients’ project-handling capabilities through:

  • SER book wiring
  • Cable schematics
  • Auto wiring
  • Control table
  • SER layout and screen design
  • Communication-based train control (CBTC), European rail traffic management systems (ERTMS), and positive train control (PTC)
  • Scale and scheme plan
  • ATP data power calculations
  • Control center data and interlocking data
  • Location case

How We Can Help

  • Sound knowledge of industry best practices from our experience as a preferred signaling partner to three of the top five global rail OEMs
  • Access to one of the largest pools of IRSE licensees, which allows us to train and deploy people quickly
  • Strong understanding of major rail standards and regulations across the globe

Quick Facts

  • Over three million hours of mass transit and mainline signaling experience
  • More than 300 dedicated engineers and over 200 IRSE licensees, with 25% of them having at least 15 years of experience
  • Major programs supported:
    • Mass transit: London Underground, Singapore Metro, New York Metro, Melbourne Metro, Delhi Metro, Hyderabad Metro
    • Mainline: Network Rail, US railroads, Indian Railways, Australian Rail, European railways