Rail Signaling

Safety and operational efficiency have always been among the highest priorities in the rail transportation industry, even more so today. As railway infrastructure has expanded, railway signaling and automation activities have become increasingly sophisticated. With more than 200 signaling design engineers and 4mn of work experience in rail signaling. Cyient has become a trusted partner in every aspect of rail signaling operations. We offer integrated solutions that help our clients enhance their strategic and operational capabilities.

With emerging new standards from communication-based train control (CBTC) products to European rail traffic management systems (ERTMS) to positive train control (PTC),  an established engineering partner such as Cyient can bolster delivery capabilities and drive strategic growth for manufacturers and integrators seeking effective and efficient signaling solutions.

Our experienced team can be the ideal partner for your rail-signal engineering needs. We have the most IRSE-licensed engineers under one roof, and many of them also hold additional licenses and certifications. Our well-established technical training processes have strengthened the rail signaling industry by transforming fresh graduate engineers into trained IRSE-licensed engineers. At Cyient, we’ve become a leading partner in providing fully integrated rail signaling solutions across all major rail systems that successfully enhance our clients’ strategic and operational capabilities.