Rail Electronics

The revival and transformation of the transportation industry have resulted in the need for complex and diverse electronics systems for real-time monitoring, greater operational efficiencies and higher levels of passenger comfort. We have extensive capabilities in delivering specialized electronic design solutions in rail combined with our insights gathered from various industries such as aerospace, consumer and medical.

Our experienced team of 1500 engineers, including 130+ professionals dedicated to rail electronics, has been working with global rail companies to identify gaps and address ever-changing requirements in the rail ecosystem. As the partner of choice for these global giants, we provide customized and value-based engineering solutions that leverage our deep domain knowledge and understanding of the rail transportation sector.

Best practices-based delivery and flexible design capacity, combined with our state-of-the-art labs and test equipment, shorten time to market and help us deliver leading-edge solutions across the product life cycle, from design and development, verification and validation, to obsolescence management. Our vendor sourcing and location support, backed by end-to-end regulatory compliance and certification services, transform our client’s journey with us into a delightful experience.